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WIMBLEDON, England — Four years after playing the last match of her career at Wimbledon, Li Na has returned to the All England Club.

Her life has had additions; she brought her two children, Alisa, 3, and Sapa, 1?.
But she is missing the kinesio tape that once constantly adorned her knee, and her trademark tan has faded to where one junior Chinese player said she initially did not recognize Li.
What has not receded is Li’s power as a symbol of success in China. On the court, two Chinese players inspired by Li, a two-time Grand Slam champion, have reached the semifinals of the girls’ singles competition, and another Chinese player is in the boys’ semifinals. Off-court, Li is still earning between $15 to $20 million annually through endorsement and licensing deals.
“I think a lot of her sponsors were stressed out and scared when she retired — ‘How is this going to work?’” said Max Eisenbud, Li’s agent. “But I think now they secretly like it, because now they can have more time with her, and now she’s present in China.”
“我想,当时她退役的时候,许多赞助商压力不小,感到担心——‘这样能行吗?’”李娜的经纪人马克斯·艾森巴德(Max Eisenbud)说。“但我觉得现在他们在暗爽吧,因为现在他们有更多时间跟她合作了,而且现在她人在中国。”
He added that Li had “no competition” in China from other athletic superstars.
Li, 36, has retained almost all her sponsors from during her playing career. Nike, whose Asian headquarters in Shanghai are named after her, has introduced a Li Na collection in China. Babolat is coming out with a racket named after her later this year. A menu is dedicated to her at the restaurant chain Element Fresh.
36岁的李娜留住了职业生涯中几乎所有的赞助商。耐克(Nike)在上海的亚洲总部以她的名字命名,还在中国市场推出了李娜系列。今年晚些时候,百宝力(Babolat)将推出以她命名的球拍。在连锁餐厅新元素(Element Fresh),有一个以其命名的菜单。
Li is bolstering her own business bona fides by studying for an M.B.A. at a university in Beijing, where she now lives.
“I just want to improve myself a little bit, and to meet different people,” Li said. “Since I start tennis at 8 years old, until I retired, I only met sports people. I wanted to meet different people, and see different things.”
Although she is the same age as Serena Williams, Li never considered returning to tour as a mother as Williams has.
虽然跟塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)同年,但她从未考虑像后者那样,以母亲的身份回归球场。
“No chance,” she said. “For me, it’s very tough to find the balance between family and tennis. My daughter is 3, and I’ve only left her seven days in three years. I couldn’t imagine leaving her home. And if I brought her on tour, I couldn’t concentrate on the court, so it would be very tough.”
Li, who has been married to her husband, Jiang Shan, for 12 years, said she believed that part of her influence has been making women see themselves more as individuals who can be successful on their own terms.
“I think now the Chinese women are more confident, from not only myself, but also other stories,” Li said. “They see that women can do it. Before they’d see that women would stay in the home and maybe have a nice job. But now, so many women don’t marry, because they think that means sharing with men, and they just want to be themselves. They want to have their own personality.”
Li also pointed to the swimmer Fu Yuanhui, whose expressiveness made her a social media sensation.
Li’s own story will reach to a wider audience soon, because her autobiography, “My Life,” is being made into a movie, with production finishing this year.
Much of “My Life” is devoted to her thoughts on the systematic training methods used when she was a child. Li, who hopes to open her own academy, said that making sure children are enjoying the sport they play should be paramount.
“Especially now, so many athletes, you can see on their face that they don’t want to be here,” she said. “They should learn happiness, confidence and control.”